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DECIDE's early medical abortion by phone service

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  • Early medical abortion - up to 10 weeks

What do I need to do to have an abortion here?

You can self-refer to this service from anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand.

DECIDE's early medical abortion (EMA) by phone service is provided by The Women's Clinic. It's an option in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy.

If you can't or don't want to visit a clinic, contact us directly from anywhere in New Zealand and, if clinically appropriate, we can arrange an early medical abortion over the phone for you. We can arrange delivery of medicines directly to you, or to a pharmacy of your choice.

If early medical abortion isn't an option for you, or you want to visit a clinic, we can help you find an alternative provider. 

Free call 0800 DECIDE (0800 332 433), or complete this appointment form.

Ask for an appointment

What will it cost?*

Cost for New Zealand citizen/resident

Early medical abortion by phone is a free service for any pregnant person eligible for publicly funded healthcare in New Zealand. There may be additional costs for ultrasound.

Cost for non-New Zealand resident

  • Early medical abortion by phone from NZ$1,100 for private paying patients. There may be prescription fees, and additional costs for bloods and ultrasound if required. Please contact us for more information.

*Approximate prices valid at 24 April 2024. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

What happens for an early medical abortion by phone?

DECIDE's early medical abortion (EMA) by phone service is provided by The Women's Clinic.

You'll have a phone appointment with a nurse at a time that suits you.

The nurse will explain the medical abortion process, outline the risks, and take a medical and social history from you to make sure that medical abortion treatment is suitable for you.

We'll organise blood tests and any other investigations/tests that you need.

Please feel free to ask questions during your appointment.

Tell the doctor or nurse:

Early medical abortion is not suitable if: Early medical abortion may not be suitable if:
  • The first day of your last period was more than 70 days ago.
  • You have ever had a bad reaction or are allergic to the medicines used.
  • You have an intrauterine device (IUD). This must be removed first so you will need to go to a clinic for this.
  • You have a medical condition such as a heart complaint, high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • You suffer badly from asthma or are on long-term steroid treatment for any other reason.
  • You are anaemic or have a bleeding disorder or are receiving anticoagulants.

If early medical abortion is suitable for you, we can either:

  • (a) send you the abortion medicines by courier in a plain package, to a safe address that you choose, or
  • (b) send a prescription for the medicines to a pharmacy you choose, for collection.

Delivery by courier package

If you choose (a) the courier package, there is no charge. The package is tracked. It doesn't need to be signed for but you can request this. It usually takes 2-4 days to arrive. Note. Medicines by courier is an option in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy only.

Pick up at pharmacy

If you choose (b) we will ask you the name and location of your pharmacy of choice. We will check that the pharmacy will give you the medicines. Your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy within 2 working days. Your medicines will be free to collect. Note. Medicines by prescription to a pharmacy is an option for people who are under 9 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy (pharmacy opening days allowing). If you're a private patient, collecting medicines at a pharmacy can come with significant additional cost.

The package contains:

  • Instructions on what to do and when.
  • Mifepristone tablet.
  • Misoprostol tablets.
  • Tablets for pain relief.
  • A special pregnancy test designed to check that your abortion is complete.

After talking to your doctor or nurse you might also be sent medicines for feeling sick (nausea) and contraceptives in your package.

You take the medicines at home or a place you feel comfortable.

Follow the instructions in your package.

Before your early medical abortion

You can organise:

  • Sanitary pads to use while you are miscarrying.
  • A support person to be with you after you take the second tablets (the misoprostol).
  • Kete or other container for the pregnancy remains if you want to bury it. Read about what happens to pregnancy remains after an abortion.
  • Access to a telephone and transport in case you need advice or help.

The procedure

During the entire procedure, you will be supported by our team, 24 hours a day, via phone 0800 DECIDE.


Swallow 1 mifepristone tablet with water.

This blocks the hormone that is necessary for the pregnancy to continue.


24 hours later you then place four misoprostol tablets inside your mouth or put them in your vagina. 

This causes cramping and the pregnancy to pass or miscarry.  

Putting misoprostol in your mouthImage of putting tablets in your mouth

  • Put the 4 tablets between your upper cheek and gum. It might taste chalky and unpleasant.
  • Let the tablets dissolve for 60 minutes.
  • If there is still some bits of the tablet left after 60 minutes, swallow them with water.


Putting misoprostol in your vaginaImage of putting tablets in your vagina

  • Put the 4 tablets as high as you can in your vagina so that they do not fall out.
  • It might be most comfortable to put them in while you are squatting or lying down.
  • Lie down for 60 minutes after putting the tablets in your vagina.


You should start bleeding within a few hours of taking the second medicine or putting the tablets in your vagina.

During the procedure

Read about what to expect during an early medical abortion


We’ll call you the day after you have taken the misoprostol tablets to check in and see if it sounds like you have miscarried.


21 days after you miscarry take the pregnancy test in the package we send, to check the pregnancy has ended.

If the pregnancy test is positive you need to contact us. Bleeding and cramping are not proof that the abortion is complete.

  • More information


    We can provide your phone appointment using the NZ Relay Service. Please add what you need on the booking form.

    Translation services

    If English is not your first language and your need a translator, please let us know. We can arrange for translation services.


    Your notes will only be shared with your GP or family doctor if you ask us to.

    Female practitioner

    All our virtual practitioners are female.


    The nurse will talk to you about contraceptive options. We can provide you with the progestogen-only pill or condoms. You can ask for contraception to be sent in your package.

    For LARC contraception, you will need to see your GP or visit Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa.


    Abortion decision counselling, pre-abortion and post-abortion counselling are available by phone.